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Power your revenue management strategy with advanced business intelligence

Connect Analytics is an intelligent Business Intelligence (BI) tool that gives you a full overview of your group’s booking and rate behaviours. Access rate and inventory status for each of your properties while on the move. Keep up to date with your group performance at both macro and micro levels. Monitor Market Trends to know the average room rates at different locations. Track historical and future rate data for accurate forecasting. Stay on top of your business with Analytics.

So what can it do?

All-in-one data reports for your daily / weekly revenue meetings
Track your group performance in real-time
View reservation details by Arrival & Booked dates
Analyze booking performance of your group
Connect Drill through the reservation and pricing data at the group level, brand level and the property level
Connect Monitor market trends by city, region, country or continent
Connect Create custom grouping by region, city and property type
Connect Know market performance through comparative analysis with historical data
Connect Avail future rate data for upto 2 years for maximizing RevPAR
Connect Offers highly customizable hotel grouping options & granular user access controls
Connect View & export reports in PDF & HTML formats

How will it benefit your business?

Monitor and measure corporate performance at a glance with dashboards
Stay in sync with real-time market behaviour
Empowers your pricing strategy in relation to your immediate competitive set through advance rate data
Offers interactive functionality such as drill-down and filtering
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